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Thewatt peak-toleranceis guaranteedbetween 0 and +3%.
This allows youto exceed yourbusiness goalsandgetmore than they expected.

We guaranteea module efficiency of 90%for 12 yearsand
of 80%up to25 years.

On material and workmanship weoffer a product warrantyof 10 years.

All SWISSWATT modules are suitable up to a heavy load of 5400 PA/m2.

SWISSWATT extrem modules even operate in high altitudes up to 10000 PA/m2

snow load.

Thanks to our inPV Cycle membershipall end-of-life SWISSWATT modules are fully recycled free of charge and brought back to the raw material cycle.
Any possible claim under our warranty terms are reinsured for the agreed life time.
All our modules are tested and certified according to IEC and UL.







Free of charge recycling for our customers

icon PV Cycle Certificate (97.27 kB)


All modules are IEC certified by TUV
icon MONOWATT Certificate (364.25 kB)

icon POLYWATT Certificate (377.06 kB)



c ul us listed

All modules are tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and certified for the american markets

icon UL USA Certificate (65.5 kB)

icon UL Kanada Certificates (68.13 kB)

logo babt All modules are BABT MCS certified
icon BABT MCS Zertifikat (448.79 kB)

All modules are insured by CHUBB International Insurance