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SWISSWATT uses Swiss manufacturing technology for the production of Monowatt and Polywatt modules. Unlike other manufacturers SWISSWATT has automated the critical production steps. In particular, the inclusion and placement, an interim test and the brazing processis controlled by machines with highest precision. These steps affect the durability, performance and efficiency of the modules, and are therefore the condition for the maximum yield and a maximum life span.

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produktion7 300x200 The recording takes place under vacuum, not to harm the thin and fragile structures of the cell. Before the brazing the cell will be preheated by an advanced temperature-controlled management system. Automatic brazing heads create a permanently stable connection without overloading the cells.After the brazing of the cells, the compounds are visually and electronically verified. Cell lines are connected to modules, laminated and encapsulated.Primarily to improve the stability under wind and snow load, the frame is assembled. 


The finished modules are tested in the 6.5-meterhigh flash tower and divided into performance categories. With this latest technology we test and document the performance of the final module. A Xenon flash, with a light spectrum, homogeneity and stability closest to the characteristics of the sun generates for the first time measurable and documented energy. The Precision of the production and test facilities in a clean room environment, guaranties the outstanding quality of our modules. produktion4 300x200