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It is still debated whether climate change is caused by man or not. It is the time to discuss not only, but to act. Global Warming seems to be accelerated by CO2 emissions as a result of energy consumption.


The energy consumption is not only induced by population growth but also by the increasing energy intensity of living standard of the developing countries. The sun supplies more energy in three hours than mankind can consume in 1 year. And it‘s free. The best part is that solar energy is clean. The operation of a photovoltaic system generates no exhaust or any other emissions.


Each fed KWp prevents the development of up to 10.5 tons C02 equivalent to 75'000km driving by car. The energy for the production of silicon, the basic building block of the cell reproduces itself in less than one year. In the planned life time of the module (assuming 25 years) the energy invested is recovered by 30-50 times. The carbon footprint of MONOWATT and POLYWATT modules is bellow 40g CO2 -eq/Kwh.

For all of us:

+ Electricity from photovoltaic systems is the environmental friendly and silent possibility to generate energy.

Consume your self-generated electricity with constant minimum prices

+ Become independent from rising prices, political decisions and inadequate power grids

+ Save scarce fossil fuels without carbon dioxide emission: without sacrificing something

+ Improvement of the Quality of Life achived by an active contribution to environmental protection

+ Increase the value and appeal of your property


For enterprises:

+ Reduce the cost of energy in your producion using electricity from your own system

+ Improve your credit rating by an ability to plan your longterm costs

Communicate your contribution to a better future and your commitment to sustainability